Friday, April 1, 2011

Heart of Ice by Lis Wiehl and April Henry

First time reading Lis Wiehl and April Henry. Heart of Ice is actually part of a series called the Triple Threat Club by these two authors which feature three ladies where were ex-high school mates. They are Cassidy who is a TV crime reporter, Nicole who is with the FBI and Allison who is with the DA’s office. They met at a reunion event sometime back and have been keeping in constant contact since they are able to create synergy with what they do individually. On top of that, they interact socially and offer support to each other in their personal and family lives.

Heart of Ice is actually the 3rd book in this series, the 1st and 2nd being Face of Betrayal and Hand of Fate respectively which I did not get to read. As such, I am approaching these 3 ladies with very fresh perspective. Like most women, these three have their strength and weaknesses, their history which shapes them into who they are and what they are today. They work well together and understand each other (to a certain level) and support each other. They are like the many millions of women around us but the difference is that this is a thriller so they have to deal with psychotic murderers and other such people on a daily basis.

In Heart of Ice, they reach the end of their investigation into the 'Advert Murderer' and at the same time joined a gym where a personal trainer named Elizabeth happens to be psychotic murderer. Throw in an arsonist and you’ve got yourself a suspense thriller that is guaranteed to thrill your socks off. I enjoyed this book and like the Christian references throughout the book. There wasn’t too much of it to make it spiritual but in my opinion, enough to bring readers attention to the intention of the authors for this to be a ‘clean’ thriller. Full of suspense and I was intrigue by the Elizabeth character which I thought was really well developed by the authors.

For me, when I like a title, I would certainly like an opportunity to read the first 2 books to find that connection. But other than that, Heart of Ice can be read as a stand-alone book and you would have enjoyed it too.

Heart of Ice is publisher is Thomas Nelson and due for release in April 2011.

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