Monday, August 2, 2010

Sleepy Head by Mark Billingham

A review from Birmingham Post, taken from the author’s web, read :

After reading only the first few pages of
Sleepyhead I had my first nightmare in years. I woke up in the early hours shaking and sweating..."

No, the book didn’t have such effect on me. It was quite a disturbing book but it didn’t have the nightmare effect but I can vaguely know where that statement was coming from.
Sleepy Head is the first in a series of novels written by Mark Billingham which features Detective Inspector Tom Thorne. It was published in the UK in August 2001 and is the first out of a total of 10 titles.

Classified as a crime novel, the story has the detective inspector investigating a series of murders which involved young women. The latest victim, Alison Willetts survived the murder which made the police thinking that the killer made a mistaken. What they didn’t realise is that Alison was the killer’s success.

To quote from the synopsis, ‘Unless Thorne can enter the mind of a brilliant madman – a frighteningly elusive fiend who enjoys toying with the police as much as he savours his sick obsession – Alison Willetts will not be the last victim consigned forever to a hideous waking hell.

For you see, even as Alison survives, she is in a stage of what is known as ‘locked-in syndrome’. She can hear, see and feel everything around her but she can’t move a muscle or talk or even scream and that’s how the killer intended for her to be.

That. Is. So. Creepy! That’s all I would say about this book. It’s quite a memorable book as I don’t think I have come across such plot before but I don’t think I wouldn’t want to read it again. Once is enough. However, I quite like the detective inspector, he’s a skeptic but also very persistent in his thoughts and actions. So, if crime and murder stories are your cup of tea, do check out Sleepy Head.

The next book is called ‘Scaredy Cat’. Unfortunately I can’t find it in the local book store. You know what, I am actually not sure where I got this particular book. Was it given to me? Or did I buy it? I have a collection of about 30 novels that I have yet to read, some of which I bought and some of which were given to me, so I’m not sure where this comes from.

About the author : a rather good looking guy, Mark Billingham is currently writing the next Tom Thorne thriller. He lives in London with his wife and two kids. Do you think he would send me his other titles if I ask him nicely? :)

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