Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Amazon's Kindle

When the Kindle first appeared in the market, it’s only available in the United States. Priced at US$260 or thereabout, it’s not something that everyone can purchase. Couple of years down the road to today, I think the Kindle can now be made available to the rest of the world but are still consider quite expensive.

For me, I can purchase probably about 40+ paperback novels for the starting price of a Kindle. Interestingly, today, I saw in the newspapers that Amazon is slashing the price of the Kindle 3G version to US189 and they unveiled the wireless only version at US$139. Still considered pretty expensive but with Christmas just 4 months down the road, I think that’s an extremely good move. Perhaps now more affordable by the mass market, I am still waiting for the day for the price to take an even bigger plunge before even considered getting one. As you know, getting a kindle is just the first step.

Unless I can get my hand on an actual Kindle, I have no idea about the features. Benefits wise, I can think of many.

While I don’t disagree that e-book is the way to the future but I guess I am still rather old schooled and just love the feel and touch of printed books. It feels more therapeutic to curl up with an actual book than with a machine but then, who am I to argue with technology advancement?

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