Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Valentine's Kiss by Lucie Hart

Synopsis :

This Valentine's day Imogen is going to meet the man of her dreams, if only she can discover who he is 

At a gloriously over-the-top house party in the balmy South of France, trainee chef Imogen finds herself playing blind man's buff with a host of impossibly handsome men, when one of them kisses her. It's the most perfect kiss she's ever experienced in her short—and frankly, to date romantically disappointing—life. But by the time she recovers her wits sufficiently to remove her blindfold, her mystery kisser has disappeared. 

Could her Prince Charming be one of her fellow-chefs, Dimitri or Bastien? Both are clearly interested in her. But there are also enigmatic Latino hunk Enzo, good-times-guy DJ Cheyenne, aristocratic Amaury, and the American visitors—Archer and Everett. So many men, so little time. Imogen can't just keep kissing men until she finds the right one—can she? 

This is what I say :

A chic lite set in a small village in France and features an English Chef but an untrained one but with passion for food and cooking.

She seems to be a magnet for her fellow chefs and other fellows that she met.  

It's a pretty light and enjoyable read and with funny moments thrown in, the book is just like a Valentine's gifts, something you look forward to but might not be memorable :)

Here's wishing everyone a 


It's a day for everyone as you have someone to love 

(family, friends, pets, etc) 


someone who love you (family, friends, pets, etc.)

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