Monday, November 6, 2017

Books Second Time Around 2017

Books Second Time Around has been around in Kuching for the past years.  The standard variables are :

  • They will be in Hills Shopping Mall
  • They will be here in November and December
  • There are lots of books
  • There are lots of titles
  • Some books are super old 
  • Some are relatively new - depends on your ability to locate
  • All books are second hand
  • They are very reasonably priced
  • I love going there
  • I am scared to go there as I know I will leave the place rich in books but poorer in wallet
  • It's actually the only time I go to Hills Shopping Mall
  • I went there last night
  • I know I will go again...and again...and again...

They have a whole section this year just for Chicken Soup.

I am in trouble.

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