Friday, March 10, 2017

One For My Baby by Tony Parsons

Synopsis :

Returning to London from Hong Kong after a brief, idyllic marriage ends in tragedy, Alfie Budd finds his world collapsing. Believing his chance for love has passed, he takes comfort in fleeting affairs with his students at Churchill's Language School while watching his parents' marriage, his grandmother's health, and his career ambitions rapidly deteriorate. 

But then Alfie meets two people who help him to start healing: the old Chinese man he sees practicing Tai Chi in the park every morning and a single mother who needs Alfie's help in completing her education. 

Soon, our bereft widower is learning much more than Tai Chi and falling for one student above all others. 

But can Alfie give up meaningless sex for a meaningful relationship? And how much room in our hearts do we really have for love? 

I first read Man and Boy which served as my introduction to Tony Parsons about four years ago but for some ready and it was rather memorable because my book disappeared and I couldn't find it and I ended up reading the last chapter in the bookstore.  While I didn't update this in my blog then, I can say that I found my book after a few months and it wasn't where I left it but somewhere else so to this day it's still a mystery how it ended up in that bag.

Anyway, One For My Baby is what I called a 'dude lite', a chic lite from the male perspective.   It wasn't that bad.  Alfie was rather weak and seems to just fall apart after the death of his wife.  Tony seems to stereotyped and portrayed him as a player.

But coming from Tony Parsons, it didn't wow me but is an acceptable read.

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