Saturday, August 6, 2016

Who Doesn't Want Free Books?

I certainly do and I received some free copies recently from someone who wanted to give away hers.  I must say that I don't know this person at all. She posted in a FB group that I belong to that she'll be in town at certain dates and that she would like to giveaway some of her books to whoever wants them.

I was quite blessed to be the first one to reply to her and after a few online discussion, we made plans to meet up and viola! I am now the proud custodian of all these books :

There are five titles and out of these The Wicked Boy and Girl in the Woods came highly recommended.

I use the word custodian because that's how I view myself.

I am just a keeper and keeping them books for a period of time for me to read them and after I read them, it is my intention and plan to pass them on to others so that they can enjoy the books too and hopefully, they will pass them on to the next and the next and the legacy of such generosity lives on and on.

I really can't wait to get started on them but I have other TBR waiting for me too so I guess they will just have to wait their turn. :)

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