Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Egg Race by Polly Williams

Synopsis :

Stevie Jonson is thirty-four. She's broody. And she's set to marry not-quite the-man-of-her-dreams in two weeks' time. 

Just as the reality of her marriage sinks in, Stevie's path collides with that of Katy Norris, a thirty-six-year-old narcissist with an inside knowledge of fertility indicator home kits and a desire to get her boyfriend to settle, at any cost. As Stevie lurches further into a life that never should have happened, she meets a man who reminds her that she's more than just the sum of her ovaries . . 

Set in London, Thailand and New York, this hilarious and heartfelt novel will speak to any woman who has ever met the wrong man at the right time.

This book is unique for a few reasons.  First, I bought this more than 10 years ago and started reading them twice since then but cannot really get through the first chapter.  I have no idea why.  Second, since I started this book a few months ago, I read 90% of the whole book in my car while stuck in traffic and at traffic lights.

Yup!  No kidding! The Egg Race spent the last few months in my car and I only read it during the many times I was stuck in traffic and you know what, it helped a lot in keeping cool during those times!  The only time I took it out to read it would be when I was lunching alone in a coffee shop and the book was my lunch companion.  The other times, surely and truly (in case you still don't believe me), it was read a few pages at a time while waiting for the light to turn green.

As a chic lite, it was a good read as the title suggest, it seems like a race against time for these two ladies, Stevie and Katy in the biological time clock race.  There's the usual comical situation but not really obvious.

If you drive daily or commute daily, you can attempt to try to read a whole book just during your commuting time for a different experience.  I am now looking into another book to reside in my glove compartment for the next few months or so. :)

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