Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Between by Jessica Warman

Synopsis : 

Elizabeth Valchar - pretty, popular, and perfect-wakes up the morning after her eighteenth birthday party on her family's yacht, where she'd been celebrating with her six closest friends. A persistent thumping noise has roused her. When she goes to investigate, what she finds will change everything she thought she knew about her life, her friends, and everything in between. 

As Liz begins to unravel the circumstances surrounding her birthday night, she will find that no one around her, least of all Liz herself, was perfect-or innocent. And that some memories never stop following you, no matter how hard you run.

I was attracted to Between because I was intrigued by the cover. I thought was was quite spooky.  The synopsis was pretty mysterious too so I decided to read the first chapter there and then at the bookstore at it wasn't a very long chapter, probably a couple of pages only but at the end of it, I was captivated enough to bring it home.  

This was just a couple of months ago. Since then, I have read the book and surprise of all surprise, the princess read it too! in fact, she read it before me and told me that it's a keeper.  I quite agree with her. 

Readers must remember that this is a book for young adults. It was pretty heartwarming, bitter sweet and and sad at the same time. It is not terrifying at all but instead explore teens relationships.  You can say some of the characters pretty unreal and yes, it can be true but then character development wasn't really the main aim. 

I don't think I will be reading this again but since the princess says it's a keeper, it has since found a place in our shelf until such a time when the princess think otherwise, then only I will put it in the market.

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