Saturday, March 26, 2016

Reflections 2015

Is it too late to do a reflection of 2015 in March?  It's a post that should have been done at the end of 2015 and preferably on the last day of the year but I wasn't in the mood then.

So, is it better late than never?  Anyway, to get on with it, 2015 was quite steady for this blog and I could have matched the number of posts in 2015 to year 2014 with 70 post but I didn't have that motivation at the end so, PurpleQueenFairy ended the year with 68 posts.

I started the year with a Reading Challenge but I didn't see it through.  To be fair, I did complete quite a bit of the challenge but I didn't particularly follow it through.  Anyway, I am done with challenges!  I think if I can read half of what I bought, it would be an achievement already.

Perhaps I should do a TBR post instead  to show you the number of books I have in my collection that I have yet to read.  Sometimes I even forgot that I have that particular titles in my collection and I can't seems to stop adding to it!

I discover Adam Nevill in year 2015 so I am keen to explore more of his titles.

Currently I just started with Bags of Bones by Stephen King, another horror master, which I get from a book exchange with another reader.  I just started so I can't tell you if it's any good but it should be.. :)

I will continue with my participation in flea market but very much less this year due to other commitments and would want to attempt to sell my collection via FB and other online groups instead.  I would miss that interaction with other readers but hopefully I can do more of that later part of the year.

That should be all for a March reflection and looking forward to a great year ahead!

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