Thursday, January 15, 2015

Handbags and halos by Bernadette Strachan

Synopsis :

Nell Fitzgerald worries that her life is shallow and meaningless. She's right - it is. Stricken by an acute pre-mid-life crisis, she's walked out on her obstreperous boyfriend, moved in with her icy Knightsbridge grandmother and been forced to assume the role of faux girlfriend to closet gay TV presenter, Blair Taylor, by her merciless boss at the Morgan theatrical agency.

In a desperate bid to inject a little depth into her existence, Nell enrols at 'Helping Hands' volunteer centre. There the frighteningly grown up coordinator, Phred, looks on in bemusement as a series of mishaps lead her to discover that 'doing good' doesn't offer the immediate rewards she'd bargained for.

Can Nell juggle the demands of her two very different worlds as well as her eccentric family, perplexed girlfriends and unexpected feelings for Phred?

Handbags and Halos is a chic lite through and through.  It's light and it's fun and it's enjoyable and you can't ask for anything more if chic lite is your cuppa tea.

Meet Nell.  She was dumping her boyfriend in the opening chapter.  He was sleeping at that time and she creeped out of apartment that they shared for three years, taking with her just some of her clothes and personal stuff.  Her quiet and quick escape was foiled and he ended up witnessing her escape, hitch hiking a milk delivery bike and he practically walked alongside the bike in stoney silence for a while.  That was just hilarious and I knew I was in for a real fun read.

So, if you need a book to keep you off your problems are just to pass time, you will not be sorry to read this one.

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  1. will try to get a hold of this one. Need something that is not that heavy to read