Monday, June 9, 2014

Mockingjay (book 3 of The Hunger Games) by Suzanne Collins

Ok. here is how it goes.  I watched the movies of The Hunger Games and Catching Fire.  I did not read these two books.  Having watched the movie, I decided not to wait for the last movie installment but explore the book instead.  And that was how I ended up reading Mockingjay.

I read Mockingjay as an e-book that I download from the web.  It is a very different experience as I always experience a strange feeling whenever I read an electronic book.

What can I say? I love Mockingjay.  I like the fact that it's no longer in a 'game' arena but more of the people and their quest towards being enslaved by the capital.  I don't like District 13 but then District 13 provide that refuge our victors greatly needed to come together.  District 13 reminds me so much of the dwelling place out in the dessert in The Host by Stephanie Mayer.

I feel quite sorry for Katnis Everdeen as she is still very much a pawn in a game much greater than she can comprehend. I actually can't remember when did she call in love with Peeta and I am still very much a Gale fan.  I can truly image how great the movie would turn out if they follow as closely as they can to the book, If you think Katnis went through much suffering and pain the the first two installment, she is to endure even greater challenge in Mockingjay.  I was sad to see some of the characters being killed off especially another victor that I quite like who's girlfriend was still in the Capital (I am sure you know who I am referring to).

I felt that it was a great ending (as great as it can be) to a wonderful trilogy.  I am on to the next series. Can't decide between Divergent or Percy Jackson.  What do you think?

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