Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Seeds Of Time by Sharmini Flint (Preview)

I received from the post, a complimentary copy of The Seeds of Time by Sharmini Flint.

The Seeds of Time is a story for young adults on the environmental challenges from climate change to species loss facing our planets.  The book started with a foreward written by Dr Isabelle Louis, Director, Asia Pacific Region for WWF.  This is what she wrote :

There is an urgent need for humankind to respond to the rapid changes that are having a negative impact on our environment and our very future as well as the future of our children and grandchildren.

The Seeds of Time captures the spirit needed by all of us, adults and children alike, to respond across the world collectively.  It is a call for global action across all nations, all professions and all ages.  We can all be Animal Talkers and change makers!  The Seeds of Time, delightfully and wth a spirit of bold aventure, inspires us to believe that, whether young or old, we can save our beautiful planet Earth.

The Seeds of Time is available for purchase from sunbearpublishing.com.

 I must find time to read my copy Review coming right up! :)


  1. I have read it. Love it.

    Hey have you gotten her new Inspector Singh book yet? It's very good.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I shall look forward to it. I have not read any of her Inspector Singh Series :)

  3. Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog and leave your comment. :)

    wow. You an avid novel lover. I read too and the last time I had a big novels shopping was last year in Crowne Square when there was a big sales on books brought in from UK etc. Look forward to any book sales.

    Btw, saw your previous post on Flea Market. Any more books for sales from you? ;) i dont mind buying few.

    1. Hi Rose, Thanks for your comments. I still have some books. I'll get a list to you sometime next week after I update it. Thanks :)