Thursday, August 23, 2012

If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon

Synopsis :

Tracy Whitney was young, beautiful, intelligent and about to marry into wealth and glamour.  She was on top of the world.  Until suddenly, betrayed by her own innocence, she was in prison, framed by a ruthless Mafia gang, abandoned by the man she loved.

Beaten and broken, but kept going by her dazzling ingenuity, Tracy emerged from her savaged oreal determined to revenge herself on those who had destroyed her life and to fight back against a society that denied her success and happiness.  No one wold ever cheat her again.

From New Orleans to London and on to Paris, Madrid and Amsterdam, with intelligence and beauty her only weapons, Tracy played for the highest stakes in a deadly game, matching her wits against the successful and the unsrupulous.  Only one man can challenge her.  he's handsome and persuasive and just as daring. And only one man can stop her. An evil genius who shadows her every move - a man whose only hope of salvation is Tracy's destruction.

I embarked on a journey of re-reading some of my old collections recently, and until today, I only managed to read The Firm and If Tomorrow Comes.  I need to buck up!

If Tomorrow Comes is one of the earlier works of Sidney Sheldon and it is one of my favourite titles.  Tracy Whitney was one of my favourite heroine growing up.  She' s beautiful, daring, clever and has all the ingredients that appeal to girls my generations.  Girls this generations might not appreciate her innocence but should certainly admire her for her 'never say die' attitude. Indeed we can all learn from Tracy in not giving up but I'm not certain if we should learn from her for her choice of career after she left prison.

Anyway, without getting into a debate with myself, I really enjoyed this book again after so many years.  Am waiting for another round of opportunity to dig into this book again.

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