Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mirror Ball by Matt Redman

Synopsis :
Passion is more than a song or a feeling. It’s a story of guts and glory, pain and purpose.  For anyone who follows Jesus, passion is a way of life. But how do we life out this grand calling?
In Mirror Ball, worship leader and songwriter Matt Redman reminds us that even when we feel insufficient to reflect God’s glory,  God can show through us as light radiates through a prism.  Living in this truth will transform how we view our words, our relationships, our daily lives.
You – and your world – will never be the same.
Review starts from here :
Our life is a worship unto God.  It should be exciting and it should reflect Christ to the world like a mirror ball effect.  If you have seen a disco ball and hot it reflect lights on its surrounding area, you would know how it looks and felt like when you are in the presence of a disco ball with bright light bouncing off it.  It’s brightness can be glaring bright, nothing can hide from it and it cast no shadows.  Likewise our lives should be like that …’living boldly and shining brightly for the Glory of God’ quote from the book.
 While I understood and appreciate his intention, I find it very difficult to read this book although it’s only 160 pages thick. There are only 8 chapters and they are :
1.      Passion of the Christian
2.      Love will Give Its All
3.      Big God, Big Life
4.      Drops in the Ocean
5.      Who Do you Say that I Am?
6.      Ten Thousand Reasons
7.      The rule of First Things
8.      Endless Hallelujah
…and a whole lot of discussion notes and the end which I found were much more better if they appeared at the end of each chapter.  I didn’t know about the discussion notes so I didn’t flip forward but having read through the book and when I encounter the discussions note, I found that I would have understood what he was trying to say better if I had just go through the notes right after a particular chapter.
So if you are going to read Mirror Ball, read a chapter and quickly go to the discussion notes before you start the next chapter.  I think you would fare much better than me if you do that.
My advance reading copy (ARC) was provided by B&B Media Group for review.  There were typo errors in the contents page and I hope these will be ractified once the final copies hit the stands.

Matt Redman is a worship leader, songwriter, singer who lives in the UK with his wife and children.  One of his more famous worsip song is 'The Heart of Worship'.

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